WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


TUGBOAT cordially invites you to the Dubai World Vape Show,Four new series will debut!

Exclusive Preview!!!
TUGBOAT cordially invites you to the Dubai World Vape Show.
Four new series will debut
Presenting cutting-edge vaporization technology and an ultimate upgrade in user experience.
Witness TUGBOAT’s hardcore evolution history together. June 21-23, 2023 Booth NO.7040.
Let’s mark a new era with innovation
Unique design leading the vaporization trend.
Welcome to get the samples on site.

·Experience the upgraded taste sensation with our latest product!
Our new formula ensures a rich and dense flavor, maximizing the true taste of the fruit.
You’ll be blown away by the burst of vibrant aroma that hits your senses in just one second.
The intense fruity fragrance will stimulate your olfactory nerves, providing a full-bodied taste from start to finish.

·New and nice metal appearance, cool and shining
Only 15.8mm thick, extremely thin
Convenient and easy to carry
Comfortable grip for an excellent tactile experience
·16mL capacity
Allows for extended use, satisfying your cravings for a longer period of time.

·Dual display shows both the battery and liquid
Green Light- full liquid
Yellow Light- warning in liquid
Red Light- liquid low
White LED light – constantly displays during charging, turning off once it’s complete.
Say goodbye to any worries with our perfect solution to your vaping needs.

·Exquisite and compact body, easy to carry
rubber ring with a round hole, easy to hanging with lanyerd.
It is the most eye-catching trendy toy on your chest.

·Equipped with a wonderful mesh coil, flavor consistency is improved by 30%.
Each puff of smoke inhaled has a stable release, with a taste attenuation of up to 3.8% at the bottom, ensuring consistency from the first puff to the last.
·T4500 improves the particle size of atomization by 50%
Providing a large amount of smoke, rich smoke, and a full taste, bringing an unprecedented throat hit experience. 
·Gathering a variety of fruit flavors.
Exploring delicious multiple layers, awakening dormant taste buds with one puff.

·The first disposable with a switching button in the world.
Two modes of smoke inhalation can be switched between.
POWER mode brings strong smoke, rich smoke, and a stronger throat hit experience.
NORMAL mode provides smoother inhalation, with each puff releasing slowly, and the aroma lasting and comfortable.
Click the button once to switch modes.

·Intuitive battery display and liquid battery on the screen
Screen turns off, press the button once to display the liquid percentage
After three seconds, display the battery percentage
Remaining battery and liquid are visually displayed, usage process is under control, perfectly solving anxiety during long trips.
·Quickly click the button three times to turn on or turn off the device,preventing children from inhaling vape effectively.

·The surface of T12000 adopts nano-lithography technology, with a finish that is distinct and sparkling like a prism, presenting a brilliant and dazzling luster.
·The body is equipped with rubber rings and can be hung with a lanyard for easy carrying.
·The colorful body provides personalized options, with multiple fruity flavors that are rich and sweet.
·12000,big puff, brings unprecedented long-lasting explosive taste.
·TYPE-C fast charging, enjoy delicious food without waiting long.

Niik G
·Innovative release refillable pod vapes
Three resistance values (0.8Ω, 1.0Ω, 1.2Ω) to choose
Match your unique vaping habits
·The surface used oxidation sandblasting process
Smooth feeling and great shape
High quality, high appearance
With high-gloss laser engraving effect
Bringing Extraordinary Charm to an Original Style

·2ml Refillable Pod
better user experience
The adsorption force is greatly enhanced
Limited capacity but unlimited imagination
Transparent cartridge, Find out how much vape juice you have left at any time!
No need to pull out the cartridge, just open the cover to refuel, give you a convenient experience that you have never had before.
After refueling ten times, our product can still restore the original taste!

·Quickly click the button five times to turn on or turn off, preventing children from inhaling vape effectively
·Available in four colors, find the exclusive color that suits you best.

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